Silly Little Auction Watch

These are a bunch of auctions, Craigslist ads, whatever, for Cushmans spotted in the wild.
Use the form at the bottom of the page to add new entries. If you want to be notified when
new items are added, join the Silly Little Auction Watch email list, which is different than the
regular Silly Little Cars email list. And note the "cached page" link at the right, that saves
the ad and all the pics even after the ad expires. Because we're silly like that.

If you're looking for a new Cushman or Interceptor or whatever you should check out Site Mash, which does a good job of searching multiple cities for you.

You also might try searching ebay-motors for Cushman, or ebay in general for Cushman or Go-4 or Westwood Industries organized by price first so you avoid all the random non silly little cars.

If you find something particularly silly, add it to the Silly Little Auction watch to preserve it and its pictures for the ages.