Wednesday April 28th 2010 The Bushman

Thought I’d put a link to the story of my previous car, The Bushman.

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Thursday March 18th 2010 Styled out Westcoaster

A beautiful ’63 with very clean shoes.

Crazy 70’s van interior.

More pictures in the cached ad.

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Thursday March 11th 2010 Plastics, My Boy

From a Life Magazine article.

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Wednesday March 3rd 2010 Maxime got an Interceptor!

We found this little beast on Craigslist and picked it up for $2500, in super great shape. It’s a 1999 from San Francisco. We drove it around for a couple of days unmodified and absolutely everyone thought we were metermaids, which is kind of brutal. Everyone glares at you, and when we left it for an hour to get a bite in the Mission we came back to an angry mob surrounding it and writing grafitti. D’oh! Luckily they didn’t get very far. They felt bad when they realized we were forces of good, and told us they were thinking about tipping it. But we found that Barbie head in a thriftshop and glued her on and now everywhere we go people smile and take her picture.

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