Saturday November 20th 2010 by Microcar 2000

Lorelei sent in these ridiculously amazing pictures of a microcar meet in Germany in 2000.

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Thursday November 18th 2010 by Silly Little Car Saves Silly Big Car

The battery in my camper died, and Maxmie came and gave me a jump. Barbie looks unfazed.

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Wednesday November 17th 2010 by Quality Silly Little Car Porn

If I understand correctly, the Dezer Collection is a vehicle museum in Miami where the vehicles are for sale. Its an amazing trove of silly car porn with pages and pages of explicit pictures of engines and whatnot, from every revealing angle, lovingly presented in soft lighting. Excuse me I need to go drink some ice water.

Its interesting to order the vehicles by price, and once you reach that $40,000 zone you start seeing some awesome silliness. Here’s a few of my favorites, though there are many many more to see. Click each pic for more pictures of each and, if you’re so inclined, the price…

And wax figures too? What more could anyone ask for...

I love me some love Messershmitt

Corbin Sparrow electric

1968 Tippen

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Thursday November 11th 2010 by Wall Street Journal Article!

We’re on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today!

The video near the top of the page is priceless.

The slideshow is good too but they left out all the best pictures…

Here’s a few from Chris Zim. This might be my favorite picture in the entire history of photography:

Mike’s not only doing donuts in an Interceptor (hard), but keeping completely calm too as he almost tipped over in front of the camera crew going like 40mph. Amazing.

Lots more amazing pics by Chris Zim here.

And Lynn took some great pics too.

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