Friday January 14th 2011 That Certain Glow

I put LEDs on the under-carriage of my car and god damn does it look bad-ass. They change color and throb when I want them to. Life is good.

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Wednesday January 12th 2011 New Masthead!

I’m not sure if “masthead” is exactly the right word, but I’m loving whatever you call that pic on top of the page.

Lynn Freidman took it the day we were being photographed by the Wall Street Journal (ahem).  She took lots of other great pics that day, a  few of my favorites being:

Cari Tuna, the author of the Wall Street Journal article and the woman with the greatest name ever, on the left. And Raz, showing Rupert Murdoch how its done.

Keef demonstrating one of the dangers or perks of driving a retired metermaid vehicle.

Diamond Dave's ride, which I always insist on calling the Cherry Tomato

About an acre of silliness

Thanks again Lynn!

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Tuesday January 11th 2011 Parallel Universe

Dave in Kansas made us all look like amateurs by introducing us to his BMW Isetta art car collection. Holy crap!

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Monday January 3rd 2011 Silly Little Moving Truck

On New Year’s Eve we needed to haul a few curbside couches to the party. I’m thinking we could have fit at least one more on there…

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Thursday November 11th 2010 Wall Street Journal Article!

We’re on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today!

The video near the top of the page is priceless.

The slideshow is good too but they left out all the best pictures…

Here’s a few from Chris Zim. This might be my favorite picture in the entire history of photography:

Mike’s not only doing donuts in an Interceptor (hard), but keeping completely calm too as he almost tipped over in front of the camera crew going like 40mph. Amazing.

Lots more amazing pics by Chris Zim here.

And Lynn took some great pics too.

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Saturday August 7th 2010 Reliant Robin Shinanigans

Bob from the email list sent this in with the following description, which I can’t improve upon:

Reliant Robin
Quirky UK 3 wheel car
Much tipping and crashing
Not dial-up friendly


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Thursday July 29th 2010 Crappy Write-up, Great Pics

The green one definitely needs to be named “The Skittle”. (Sorry Nicole for stealing your joke).

They came from this page. The write-up and most of the comments are moronic (“I only feel safe in SUVs”), but wow those cars.

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Monday July 26th 2010 GI Joe Dolls

Dunno where it came from or what the back story is, but I’m admiring the clearance on that thing. Maybe he jacked it up a bit? My Cushman and Interceptor would be bottoming out like crazy.

Or as Mike from the email list put it, “Who’s mailster is that and why are they playing GI Joes?”

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Thursday March 18th 2010 Styled out Westcoaster

A beautiful ’63 with very clean shoes.

Crazy 70’s van interior.

More pictures in the cached ad.

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Friday March 12th 2010 Metermaids Gone Wild

A classic. Unfortunately the video was shot on a Palm Treo, but it gets the point across nicely.

Whoops, you need Flash 9 to see this movie. It's free and easy to install if you follow that link.

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