Metermaids Gone Wild

A classic. Unfortunately the video was shot on a Palm Treo, but it gets the point across nicely.

Whoops, you need Flash 9 to see this movie. It's free and easy to install if you follow that link.

You can also download this video in slightly less compressed form.

Cushman Crawl

Gathering the Silly Little Tribes from around the Bay Area to drive around San Francisco dressed as faux officials, wielding faux chalk sticks and blasting hip hop, terrorizing the populace.

Driving on the Docks

I mounted a camera in the front of Herman, my trusty old Cushman, and made a script that took a GPS-tagged picture every few seconds, then put it all together with Google Maps. This was right before they released Street View. I claim patent infringement! Just kidding, but interesting effect.

Anyway, here’s the video Herman driving around the waterfront of San Francisco.