Thursday March 8th 2018 Interceptor Insurance?

Hi everybody, Im having trouble finding Insurance for my Interceptor. Im in Northern Ca. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Pete

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Tuesday June 7th 2016 Can anyone recommend a gas cap for a 2001 Cushman truckster?

Mine is missing…can’t remember if I left it off or if it was stolen…. these things run for months on gas!

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Friday October 18th 2013 Mechanic for Silly Little Car?

I have had my interceptor for a year and have not had any luck finding a mechanic in San Francisco who will take of her. Does anyone have a mechanic to recommend?

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Thursday September 12th 2013 Go-4 Interceptor Project

My Go 4 project… got er running really smooth, got a thumpin sterio installed by Unique Auido, under glo, and a new paint job. Put a cold air intake with a K&N cone filter because in hot weather these things just suffocate. Eric, a good friend of mine did an amazing job on the paint…made all the difference in the world. I get offers every day to buy it, but I doubt i will ever be able to part with it. I have done 60mph…once…but it cruises at 45 around town comfortably.

Go4 with the new paint job

Go4 with the new paint job

got the under glo working

got the under glo working

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Monday April 22nd 2013 Registering a metermaid vehicle in California just got easier…

Having problems registering a metermaid vehicle as a motorcycle in California? Print this out and bring it to the DMV and your life will get infinitely easier:

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Friday March 22nd 2013 Automatic Transmission Info Needed

1996 Cushman Vanster located in Jones County, Mississippi

1996 Cushman Vanster located in Jones County, Mississippi

I have recently acquired a 1996 Cushman 3 Wheeled Truckster(I think), it’s a Type G with 2 different Model #’s: 1. 3WATM FLATBED 2. 898475A. It is powered by the 327 Engine & has an Automatic in it. I would like to identify the Make & Model of the Transmission along with locating Parts Diagrams & Parts Suppliers. Any and all help is very much appreciated.

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Thursday February 14th 2013 New York Insurance

Dear All,


I just got a 1990 Cushman Truckster and cannot find an insurer in New York.  I did call Dian in CA, as per an older thread on here and she recommended McGraw, I am waiting to hear.  If there is a Cushman Truckster driver on this site who registered their vehicle in NYS, please let me know who insured it.


Looking forward to being a part of this community!





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Wednesday February 13th 2013 Need help with cars

I bought 2 cars. 1999 BT-57  & A 1992 P35.. They are not running at this time.Im having a really hard time finding parts.I need computors for both.Any info will help me..Thanks


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Saturday February 18th 2012 Photo Contest!

Here is a “celebrity” silly little car.  Who can tell me what this is, and where it was taken.  Here is a hint:  This alley is known for it’s rodent’s who frequent the place.

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Friday January 6th 2012 1970 truckster


1970 truckster ?

I have been eyeballin this lil truck for a couple of years. It was down a back road on the way out to my house and it seemed every time I drove by with my girlfriend id tell her just how cool it would be to have one. Two days ago she comes home and lets me know she stopped and talked the guy into letting me tow it away for $100! Its been sitting forever in the same spot and hasn’t ran in ten years. I got it home about 5:30 yesterday evening and was taking trial laps around the house by 9pm! :0)
I am about to fill out lein sale paperwork and need to know what make, model, and year this thing is. I’ve got a vin of 898403-7010. From my research I think I have a 1970 Cushman Truckster. Can anyone get more detailed than that for me? I’ve seen ‘sub’models of 725 or 785 or Sportsman or Westcoaster….. what is mine?
And, does anybody have a maintence manual in pdf. for me? Please. :0)
Grants Pass, Oregon
Btw. It has a black and yellow California licence plate and the guy I picked it up from said it was from a hospital in glendale California.

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Tuesday January 3rd 2012 Silly Little Cars goes interactive…

Ok, we’re going interactive. Anyone can now add new postings (use that link on the right to register), and anyone can post pictures to the new user picture gallery. I hope it works, would be great to get input from the various Silly Little Tribes…

Feedback definitely invited.

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Tuesday January 18th 2011 Isetta Sighting

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but apparently two Isettas are hiding out in the San Francisco BMW dealership…

Thanks Lynn!

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Friday January 14th 2011 4 Reverse Gears!

Renzo sent this in and said “Just in case you feel like your Morgan 3-wheeler is too sensible, this 1966 Velorex features a vinyl covered steel tube frame and Jawa 2-cylinder motorcycle power. The engine can spin in reverse so the car has four forward and four reverse gears.” Why on earth???

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Friday January 14th 2011 Sweet Westcoaster for sale

Loving this Westcoaster for sale on Phoenix Craigslist (mirrored here). Its about the first time I’ve ever read the words “1965 west coaster” and “runs great” anywhere near each other. Super sweet ride, wish they had some pics of the inside. Its weird though, you’d think anyone capable of restoring that thing would know that “Westcoaster” is one word. Maybe he’s selling it for someone else?

And thanks Costas from the crazy cool Art Car Central blog for sending this over.

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Wednesday January 12th 2011 New Masthead!

I’m not sure if “masthead” is exactly the right word, but I’m loving whatever you call that pic on top of the page.

Lynn Freidman took it the day we were being photographed by the Wall Street Journal (ahem).  She took lots of other great pics that day, a  few of my favorites being:

Cari Tuna, the author of the Wall Street Journal article and the woman with the greatest name ever, on the left. And Raz, showing Rupert Murdoch how its done.

Keef demonstrating one of the dangers or perks of driving a retired metermaid vehicle.

Diamond Dave's ride, which I always insist on calling the Cherry Tomato

About an acre of silliness

Thanks again Lynn!

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Wednesday January 12th 2011 Strangest Ad Ever

I can’t tell if this is a Monty Python skit or a Salvador Dali painting, but whatever it is I like it. What on earth is up with the giant German shepherd? And a whole *case* of whiskey? And how does this indicate that this woman is “knowledgeable”? The mind boggles, and Christ I love that car.

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Wednesday January 12th 2011 Cute Vespa

Yum. From the Tamerlane’s Thoughts blog.

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Tuesday January 11th 2011 Parallel Universe

Dave in Kansas made us all look like amateurs by introducing us to his BMW Isetta art car collection. Holy crap!

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Saturday November 20th 2010 Microcar 2000

Lorelei sent in these ridiculously amazing pictures of a microcar meet in Germany in 2000.

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Thursday November 18th 2010 Silly Little Car Saves Silly Big Car

The battery in my camper died, and Maxmie came and gave me a jump. Barbie looks unfazed.

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Wednesday November 17th 2010 Quality Silly Little Car Porn

If I understand correctly, the Dezer Collection is a vehicle museum in Miami where the vehicles are for sale. Its an amazing trove of silly car porn with pages and pages of explicit pictures of engines and whatnot, from every revealing angle, lovingly presented in soft lighting. Excuse me I need to go drink some ice water.

Its interesting to order the vehicles by price, and once you reach that $40,000 zone you start seeing some awesome silliness. Here’s a few of my favorites, though there are many many more to see. Click each pic for more pictures of each and, if you’re so inclined, the price…

And wax figures too? What more could anyone ask for...

I love me some love Messershmitt

Corbin Sparrow electric

1968 Tippen

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Thursday November 11th 2010 Wall Street Journal Article!

We’re on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today!

The video near the top of the page is priceless.

The slideshow is good too but they left out all the best pictures…

Here’s a few from Chris Zim. This might be my favorite picture in the entire history of photography:

Mike’s not only doing donuts in an Interceptor (hard), but keeping completely calm too as he almost tipped over in front of the camera crew going like 40mph. Amazing.

Lots more amazing pics by Chris Zim here.

And Lynn took some great pics too.

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Thursday October 21st 2010 Hoop the King of Art

From the Lost in Jersey blog. There’s a couple more on that page too. Love the gloves.

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Wednesday September 15th 2010 Photoboof back from Burning Man

It still doesn’t suck driving a homemade photobooth built onto the back of a Cushman around Burning Man for a week. Some words and pictures about the experience are here, and the pictures it took are here. There’s also some pics of Mabel and I building it. Ironically I never get any good pictures *of* the boof, but lots of good pics happen inside it.

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Thursday July 29th 2010 Crappy Write-up, Great Pics

The green one definitely needs to be named “The Skittle”. (Sorry Nicole for stealing your joke).

They came from this page. The write-up and most of the comments are moronic (“I only feel safe in SUVs”), but wow those cars.

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