Thursday November 18th 2010 by Silly Little Car Saves Silly Big Car

The battery in my camper died, and Maxmie came and gave me a jump. Barbie looks unfazed.

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Wednesday November 17th 2010 by Quality Silly Little Car Porn

If I understand correctly, the Dezer Collection is a vehicle museum in Miami where the vehicles are for sale. Its an amazing trove of silly car porn with pages and pages of explicit pictures of engines and whatnot, from every revealing angle, lovingly presented in soft lighting. Excuse me I need to go drink some ice water.

Its interesting to order the vehicles by price, and once you reach that $40,000 zone you start seeing some awesome silliness. Here’s a few of my favorites, though there are many many more to see. Click each pic for more pictures of each and, if you’re so inclined, the price…

And wax figures too? What more could anyone ask for...

I love me some love Messershmitt

Corbin Sparrow electric

1968 Tippen

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Thursday November 11th 2010 by Wall Street Journal Article!

We’re on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today!

The video near the top of the page is priceless.

The slideshow is good too but they left out all the best pictures…

Here’s a few from Chris Zim. This might be my favorite picture in the entire history of photography:

Mike’s not only doing donuts in an Interceptor (hard), but keeping completely calm too as he almost tipped over in front of the camera crew going like 40mph. Amazing.

Lots more amazing pics by Chris Zim here.

And Lynn took some great pics too.

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Thursday October 21st 2010 by Hoop the King of Art

From the Lost in Jersey blog. There’s a couple more on that page too. Love the gloves.

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Wednesday September 15th 2010 by Photoboof back from Burning Man

It still doesn’t suck driving a homemade photobooth built onto the back of a Cushman around Burning Man for a week. Some words and pictures about the experience are here, and the pictures it took are here. There’s also some pics of Mabel and I building it. Ironically I never get any good pictures *of* the boof, but lots of good pics happen inside it.

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Saturday August 7th 2010 by Reliant Robin Shinanigans

Bob from the email list sent this in with the following description, which I can’t improve upon:

Reliant Robin
Quirky UK 3 wheel car
Much tipping and crashing
Not dial-up friendly


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Thursday July 29th 2010 by Crappy Write-up, Great Pics

The green one definitely needs to be named “The Skittle”. (Sorry Nicole for stealing your joke).

They came from this page. The write-up and most of the comments are moronic (“I only feel safe in SUVs”), but wow those cars.

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Monday July 26th 2010 by GI Joe Dolls

Dunno where it came from or what the back story is, but I’m admiring the clearance on that thing. Maybe he jacked it up a bit? My Cushman and Interceptor would be bottoming out like crazy.

Or as Mike from the email list put it, “Who’s mailster is that and why are they playing GI Joes?”

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Wednesday April 28th 2010 by The Bushman

Thought I’d put a link to the story of my previous car, The Bushman.

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Sunday April 11th 2010 by Silly Little Road Trip

Just picked up my new Interceptor! Maxime and I took a train from San Francisco to Redding, CA to pick him up.

Its a total overbuilt and over modified beast, with diamond plating and rhino coating (what they put on pickup truck beds, looks like powder coating) for no other reason than, as it was explained to me, so if someone slams their door into it, their door will dent and the Interceptor will be fine. It looks pretty cool but isn’t quite my style. Those big chrome mag wheels on the other hand…

Its a ’99, was previously harassing parkers in San Francisco, and has only 17,000 miles on the odometer. Its pretty insane how much the previous owner restored everything, the engine looks brand new, has all new hoses and wires, and you could literally eat off the valve cover. There’s all sorts of modifications to the brackets in the engine, new aluminum struts everywhere, I’ll try to post some pictures if anyone’s interested.

One thing he did that I love is beefed up the front forks and put wipers on them, which are new to me but apparently standard on motorcycles, they keep dust from going down the fork. And he added aux fans to cool the buried and suffocating engine.

Dan, the previous owner, having one last fiddle

As I type I’m in a hotel in Redding, CA, where Maxime and I just bought it. We took an Amtrak up here and will be driving it slowly back to San Francisco (about 250 miles) over the next few days, vehicle and police willing.

Read about days 2 and 3 after the jump.
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Thursday March 18th 2010 by Styled out Westcoaster

A beautiful ’63 with very clean shoes.

Crazy 70’s van interior.

More pictures in the cached ad.

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Sunday March 14th 2010 by Happy Metermaid

Found this interesting Cushman ad from 1962 on ebay:

“Rain or shine, receipts from parking meters go up, and the costs of collecting them go down, when the meter patrol in on Cushman three-wheeled Trucksters. Their inexpensive Cushman Trucksters take the meter patrol off their feet, get them around fast and comfortably, even in bad weather, then increase the city’s income from parking meters at the lowest possible cost.

Many cities have already made Cushman three-wheeled Trucksters a regular part of their police fleet. The “Meter Maids” of Wichita have achieved national recognition and earned many new dollars for the city with their fleet of Cushman Trucksters.

Powered by well-known OMC engines, Cushman Trucksters use little fuel, require almost no maintenance, travel dependably and economically for many miles with no difficulty of any kind. They are easy to drive, easy to park, have a payload capacity up to 800 pounds. A Cushman Truckster can turn completely around (360 degrees) in 17 feet, can squeeze through narrow openings just 50 inches wide.

Look around and see where you can save by sending a three-wheeled Cushman Truckster instead of a  truck. Cushman vehicles are sold and serviced by a nationwide network of dealers. Call your Cushman Dealer today.”

Reminds me of the tagline in the maintenance manual for my 1983 Truckster, which said “Cushman: slow enough to spot trouble, and fast enough to catch it”.

Here’s another one, love the “more chalkin, no walkin” line, I need that on a t-shirt.

“The Cushman Police Vehicle is the best parking enforcemnet tool since the chalk stick. ” That’s about all I can read but really it says it all.

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Friday March 12th 2010 by Metermaids Gone Wild

A classic. Unfortunately the video was shot on a Palm Treo, but it gets the point across nicely.

Whoops, you need Flash 9 to see this movie. It's free and easy to install if you follow that link.

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Thursday March 11th 2010 by Plastics, My Boy

From a Life Magazine article.

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Wednesday March 3rd 2010 by Maxime got an Interceptor!

We found this little beast on Craigslist and picked it up for $2500, in super great shape. It’s a 1999 from San Francisco. We drove it around for a couple of days unmodified and absolutely everyone thought we were metermaids, which is kind of brutal. Everyone glares at you, and when we left it for an hour to get a bite in the Mission we came back to an angry mob surrounding it and writing grafitti. D’oh! Luckily they didn’t get very far. They felt bad when they realized we were forces of good, and told us they were thinking about tipping it. But we found that Barbie head in a thriftshop and glued her on and now everywhere we go people smile and take her picture.

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Monday January 11th 2010 by Stickers

The Department of Silly Little Cars is open for business. Ticketus Upyor Assum.

Now where do we get some weather-proof stickers made? This desperately needs to be on my side doors, about 8″ round. Here’s the source file by the way, hint hint.

Another one:

Yes, we are. Source file is here. I uploaded it to Cafe Press with a bunch of them on a single bumper sticker, you can buy those here (don’t worry, I don’t make anything from it).

Or if you’d prefer:

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